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how to start with KNX

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  • how to start with KNX

    Hi I live in Germany and I#m happy that there is now a plugin for homeseer.

    how can I start with KNX and what are the basic parts that I need?
    and what do I need to connect it to homeseer?

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    Did you read the manual to start with?

    This will give you an idea, and certainly you will need a KNX/IP interface so that HS can talk to your KNX installation.

    As you'll see from the installation you will also need an understanding of your KNX setup. You'll need to know what Group Addresses are in use for the different functions.

    Hopefully your installer have left you with a KNX project file? This can be used by anyone with access to the ETS application to look at your setup.

    Can you describe your setup in a bit more detail?
    Nicolai L


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      Right now I have Nothing installed and want to make a test setup first. I want to use the MDT SCN-IP000.02 interface to make the link between homeseer and KNX.
      does this interface work with the plug-in or can you recommend me a IP to KNXbus interface?


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        OK, I thought perhaps you already had a system you wanted to integrate with.

        The KNX interface you suggested looks OK. At the end of the day it is KNX so it should work! Personally I was using a Jung IPS REG 200 for my development, but it looks very similar in spec to the model you mentioned.
        Nicolai L


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          Thanks for the fast response . Than thats the one i Will order. I hope everything works like i wanted for a long time


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            Great! I look forward to hearing how you get on
            Nicolai L