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KNX Plug-In Production Release

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  • KNX Plug-In Production Release

    Please note the izKNX beta is now complete and the formal release version (v3.0.1.10) is live in the updater and the HomeSeer store:

    This version is the "Unlimited" version which allows for any number of Group Addresses to be configured. This is on sale in the store at a reduced price.

    Later I expect to add another version that will limit the number of Group Addresses you can configure, and therefore be suitable to smaller installations.

    For now the Unlimited version is priced at the price expected for the limited version, so grab yourself a bargain and grab the Unlimited version!

    This initial release has support for a wide range of KNX devices such as binary and dimmable lights, motion/occupancy sensors, scene controllers, blind/curtain controllers, temperature sensors and thermostats. More devices can be added on request via the Feature Request thread.
    Nicolai L