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    I will, on a part time process this years ( i mean my school years lol), start to play with Arduino.

    I three raspi and one odroid at my place. So, was looking at using Virtualhere to send usb( from my 4 SBC) over the hs3 server and use the hs3 arduino plugin. Unfortunately, it seems that the hs3 plugins has a limitation ; it cannot use

    I Was wondering if any of you use the Jeedouino plugin from Jeedom? I saw that is can interact with a bunch of equipement and it has deported plugin capability ( i thing the term on this borrd is remote plugin), so wont have to use the Virtualhere for that purpose ( edit : sorry, deported here means that there is another Jeedom system on another pc/board) : (it is french , so exept for me and Shodan, maybe you'll need to use google translate).

    If anyone use this is there node easily transferable to HS3 via this plugin for both control and receive data from sensors?


    FWI, this gonna be a long project for me since I have other things to do. I saw on this board that some people started to learn the arduino word before linux. I do not understand why is that, maybe i am afraid of the input/output thing, and the time I think it takes to install physically/program the nodes.
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    Hello Mattlau,

    I do not use Jeedouino plugin myself.
    It should be possible to manage received discrete value in HS3 with Jeedom Plugin, just like any other equipment in Jeedom.
    Now to command discrete output, it may work, but If the Jeedouino plugin uses specific command types not implemented in Jeedom plugin, you may face a problem ...
    An easy workaround would be to define a virtual switch device in jeedom to control hi and low states of the board.
    In case it does not work straighforward, you can activate the Jeedom plugin log and send it to me so that I can figure out how to adapt the Plugin.

    Let me know your progress.

    Note : sorry for my late answer, but I notice that I do not receive notification anymore from the HS3 board when a message is posted in my plugin section ...