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    Alexa-api PI

    Salut !

    I just installed Jeedom again. I see that the plugin is visually better !

    I just installed the alexa-api plugin on the Jeedom side. But i do not see any control or value out of it. Maybe Jeedom modified something on their side?
    Or is that just for the Alexa-api plugin?

    I was able to send a command to 3 different echo with this hs formatted one line string http get.
    &hs.GetURL("","/core/api/jeeApi.php?apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&type=cmd&id=%5B53 %2C149%2C101%5D",TRUE,PORT)
    I prefer to send command this way, it is only making one api call. But I would like to install the plugin at my mother place, would be faster for me to get the controls by the plugin.

    Thank you.
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    Hello MattL0,

    Different issues here :
    • The first one is on Jeedom Plugin side :
    it seems that there is a regression in "message" command management : they are not handled correctly anymore. I have a beta version of the plugin in work that corrects this point - I will PM you a link if you want to test this version.
    • The second one is on how actions are managed by this plugin (but maybe others work also the same way) :
    It mainly offer "message" actions in its actuator, but compared to what I have seen so far with previous "message" actions, which only pass one parameter called #message#, these actions can require several parameters with specific names : #command#, #when#, #recurring#, … See here for parameters description.
    As of today, a message action was handled in HS3 with a textbox Control. The content of this textbox Control was passed to Jeedom as the value for the parameter called #message#.
    I added to the beta version of the plugin the possibility to override this and specify a list of parameter/value. This is done using an override keyword at the very beginning of the control textbox : #OVRD#.
    • [*=1]Example :
    if you write
    #OVRD#"when":"2017-07-06 00:30:00","text":"Test Reminder"
    in the textbox control associated to the "Reminder" device created in HS3, it will create in Alexa a reminder called "Test reminder" on July 6th 2019 at 00:30 AM.

    On the other side writing This is a test or #OVERD#"message":"This is a test" in the textbox control associated to the "Speak" device created in HS3, will lead to the same result : your Alexa will speak "This is a test".

    Again, refer to this page to get a description of all possible parameters for each command.


      wow thanks. I can't test this right now. but will do in less than two day .


        #OVRD#"type":"alarm","status":"all" Work great to clear all the alarm! I can confirm it is working!

        edit: the addon is nice.

        -But I think this needs jeedom hs3 plugin own actions in events . I can't send a submit ( with nothing in it to send the default command). from a event now. And can't override the command from an event neither.

        - the possibility to send the same command to multiple device would be great! ex: clear all the alarms of my 3 echos in the livingroom.



          You are right for the first bullet. I will look into that and code something similar to what I did for 'SetColor'.
          For the second bullet, this feature has to come from the Alexa-Api plugin, you may suggest this evolution to the plugin developper (i.e. propose a "All Echo" Equipment in his plugin)


            Hello MattL0,

            I made some changes to the beta :
            I Added an action 'Set Text' to be able specify the text string in an event. I also Added a function 'SetText' to be able to specify the text string from a script. It works just like 'Set Color' action and 'SetColor' function (refer to the plugin documentation).
            I PM you the link - Let me know if it meets your expectations.


              This is totally good with me ! Thanks Shodan. Just tried it . and it works as it is supposed to .
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