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    This is not related to the present beta. I remeber seiing this long time ago.

    When the plugin starts, In the hs3 log it says '' Com. Mode is set to Manual polling . ''

    But in the Jeedom setting it is set to push + poll.

    Don't know if I can just ignore the hs3 log ? honestly I didn't test any device with status since I reinstalled Jeedom.
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    Well done MattL0 !
    This is a bug ! Will be corrected in next version.
    Thank you.

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      Thanks Shodan


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        Hello MattL0,

        I just pushed an update to HS Team.
        It includes the correction for this bug, and all the improvements you tested for TextBox control management (usefull for Jeedom Alexa-API plugin). It also supports Jeedom "Select" command and includes other improvements.
        I should show up in the updater as soon as HS Team validates the update.


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          Works great!

          what is the ‘’select’’ command?


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            The ‘select’ command is a command that can be selected within a set of possible command.
            It is represented in the Jeedom dashboard as a dropdown list. If we take the example of Jeedom Alexa-api plugin, it is the case for the « routine » command.
            In a perfect world it should also be implemented as a dropdown list in HS3, but I’m facing issues with drop down list control coding and management with HS3 sdk. So for the moment, it is associated to a Textbox.
            I tried to explain that in the documentation an added an example. Did you have a look at it ? Let me know if something must be improved.


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              Ha ok sorry. . Thanks I ‘ll take a look tonight , but pretty sure i understand from that explanation you just gave me .