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    What is this

    Hey Jowi, I was looking at the homeseer log when your plugin started see below

    1 Presence sensor found on bridge 'Philips hue'
    Nov-26 4:08:55 PM JowiHue 1 Daylight sensor found on bridge 'Philips hue'
    Nov-26 4:08:55 PM JowiHue 1 Generic status sensor found on bridge 'Philips hue'

    I have no motion sensors or anything all I have are 6 bulbs and a light strip

    What is it seeing as a present sensor and a daylight sensor I don’t know ?


    Every Philips bridge creates a virtual sensor for daylight settings (sunset/sunrise. So this is standard available, but the plugin does not do anything with it as HS3 has a perfect Sunset/sunrise mechanism already.

    The Generic sensor is created by the Philips Hue plugin often, when you choose do something with rules on the bridge. It uses the rules to set the generic switch, often to determine the status of a rule itself. Again, the plugin in combination with the HS3 events (comparable with the bridge rules) is far better then the bridge rules, so the plugin reports they are present on the bridge, but does not create devices for it.


    -- Wim

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