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    Correct, but that's just a matter of defining a few events for the range you want to use. Here with 90-180 UP command gets sent twice for example. You could define it as ten up commands if you want.
    You might want to pause for one second between the two commands.
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      I'm thinking about purchasing an Aqara Magic Cube to have a play with. How are others using these in real world applications?



        Originally posted by jon00 View Post
        I'm thinking about purchasing an Aqara Magic Cube to have a play with. How are others using these in real world applications?
        I use it for various things, I "reassign it" as needed around the house. I love the fact it's small, unobtrusive, mysterious (anyone who's never used it has no idea what it is), and blends into any decor. Some use cases:

        Living room:
        Shaking/stirring it toggles my Hue (or any bulbs/dimmers you want) with the EasyTrigger plugin (or for Zigbee bulbs can be done in Phoscon at the bridge)
        Twisting on the table at least 90deg clockwise dims up the light in an increment of your choice. Twisting CCW dims down.
        You can use either a "push forward" or double-tap on it to change Hue color presets.

        Xmas/holiday lights:
        I plug in cheap IKEA zigbee plugs around the house and plug the holiday lights into them. Though I already have the lights on a schedule, being able to pickup the cube from the living room table and shake it to toggle on/off is convenient.

        Cube flips:
        This is where you flip the cube from side to side. There are numerous combinations available, the problem is if you don't mark the cube with color dots or some other identifier, you never know which side the cube is resting on. This can actually work to your advantage/fun, for example, have different cube flip combinations trigger different Alexa skills (cat meowing, fart sounds, trivia questions, etc).

        Since you can place this device anywhere the possibilities are endless.


          At first I used the device for the grandchildren. They could turn the cube, or shape it and HS would say something funny, and blink a light. They really had a lot of fun with it. At a certain point they lost interest and I have been using the cube triggering all kinds of events.

          At this point I have the cube trigger setting scenes, but one (the shake) toggles chromecast between pause and play And that is becoming a favorite for the wife if she needs a break in the movie!

          -- Wim

          Plugins:RFXCOM, HSTouch Server, Squeezebox, BLGData, Restart, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, WeatherXML, BLBackup, TenScripting, BC4, Pushover, PHLocation, JowiHue, Zwave, Sonos
          650 devices ---- 336 events ----- 40 scripts


            Many thanks guys. I've just ordered one to try.