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How to make a factory settings reset ?

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  • How to make a factory settings reset ?


    Glad to have installed JowiHue on my brand new HS3. Quite a newbie here.

    Maybe I've plunged into all these matters a bit too quickly, without reading manuals etc. I've been able to use Tradfri sensor and remote, but it was impossible to see light bulbs directly into the HS interface (but I could see them into the deCONZ webapp) (and I could see sensors etc. in the HS interface).

    Then I turned things so much complicady (now I see 2 remote control, one with no icon, one with lights-group icon, etc....), that It seems that the best option is to reset everything, then start the all thing from scratch.

    And here we are to my question : how is it possible to do that ? I desinstall then reinstall Jowihue, same with deConz, but some devices still appears (in double), etc.

    Should I reset the Conbee ? How ? I can't find anything about it on the web. Nothing.

    Could you help me please ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Michel from Belgium

    EDIT :

    Sorry, forgot to mention this : I'm on HS3PRO on PC-W10-64b, Jowihue and deCONZ 2.04.99 and I get back to 2.04.86, no change.

    And in the meanwhile, I just understood that seeing 2 "devices" with the same name is just that there's in fact a device, and a GROUP. It doesn't explain anyway why I can't see lonely bulbs in HS.
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    To reset the conbee can be a chalenge. The best way is uninstalling the deCONZ software, but make sure to check the install directory also, because often a database file stays behind. Make sure to remove that too.

    For the Jowihue plugin: disable the plugin and remove the executable in the root directory. Also remove the Jowhue directory in the /bin and /data subdirectories. Then remove also the devices created by the plugin.
    That should take care of all data.

    But I doubt if this really will work as it will create all the devices again after you added them to deCONZ again.
    The double devices indeed are the groups belonging to the sensors. You can hide them in the configuration page, but in this version there is an issue where the group devices are recreated when the plugin makes a start, this is despite the setting of the plugin. Should be resolved in the next version.

    Which lightbulbs are you using, what is their brand? You see them as routers in deCONZ?

    -- Wim

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      Hello Wim,

      Thank you for your quick answer and for your remarkable work with Jowihue.

      Ok, I let aside a complete reset for now, as things seems to get better here. Not totally working, but satasfying enough to continue researchs without resetting.

      I'm using Ikea Tradfri bulbs (two different models), + tradfri motion sensor and remote control.

      There are some good (but strange) news :

      Bulb 1 is :

      - Visible but red in deCONZ (no link to the Conbee)
      - visible under "scan for devices" in webapp
      - visible but non active in Phoscon
      - visible but not reactive in Homeseer (which is anyway a great step forward since yesterday)

      Bulb 2 is :

      - visible and shown as router, with 2 links (conbee and motion sensor) in deCONZ
      - visible under "scan for devices" in webapp
      - invisible in Phoscon
      - invisible in Homeseer.

      Still trying hard, keep in touch.


      EDIT : after a lot of unuseful Ikea bulb resets (1-2-3-4...), I found the F5 RESET into the deCONZ and that changed my life

      Now the two lamps are shown in deCONZ as routers, full green connectors, and are visible in the Webapp and Phoscon

      Just can see one in HS interface still.
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        Hi again,

        Everything works now perfect. Bulbs are detected in all softwares and react correctly.

        Not perfect about colour, some bugs, but that will be for tomorrow.

        Thanks again.



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          Hello Wim, everyone,

          I had a big malfunction today : all Zigbee devices (but not the lamps that stayed ok) were not anymore reactive. I simply deleted them, and Jowihue found back all of it, with full function.

          Then I had twice all the lamps, and I thought this would be as simple as for the Zb devices. But no, after erasing all Ikea bulbs (well, all... hopefully just 2 in fact), it was impossible to get them back again.

          After many attemps, I decided to follow your way to reset. I kept deCONZ anyway, but cleaned every corner on the HS3 directory, in particular "Update3".

          After resinstal, Jowihue talked easily to deCONZ and every Zigbee AND Hue lamps were back.

          So thanks again.



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            hmmm Good to hear you are up again... but it sounds like a bumpy road

            deCONZ is a bit bumpy here too tough... lost a motion sensor here and have not been able to put it back in deCONZ. The developer seems to have found a very possible cause, which could effect all sensors, some more specific.

            He promised to have a solution soon.

            -- Wim

            Plugins:RFXCOM, HSTouch Server, Squeezebox, BLGData, Restart, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, WeatherXML, BLBackup, TenScripting, BC4, Pushover, PHLocation, JowiHue, Zwave, Sonos
            650 devices ---- 336 events ----- 40 scripts


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              Yes Wim, this is a bit bumpy but since one week, everything seems to work fine. I'm currently monitoring my house, while in holydays.

              Will try some more complex things as soon as I'll be back home.

              Thanks !