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Adding some extra parameters to a known device by myself

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  • Adding some extra parameters to a known device by myself


    I was discovering the deCONZ interface (with Conbee), and I see that every parameter is accesible this way. Cannot change everything (some parameters are read only), but it looks like a lot of thing could be done there.

    Would it be totally crazy to search by myself how to add functionnallities to some, for example, Aqara devices ?

    I suppose I should then changes things into deCONZ, then try to let the Jowihue find some way ?

    Well, just asking, it doesn't seems specially easy

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    You can probably change settings in deCON directly. Not all are usefull, some might just break the REST API. In the last case the plugin might not be able handle the changes.
    When you go to the properties of a device in HS3, the JowiHue tab, you will see the parameters that are editable from the plugin (like sensor sensititivy for Philips motion sensors).
    I can add more, several are in my scope, but the developer for deCONZ is often still working on those.

    -- Wim

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      Thanks for your reply Wim. I'm going to try some stuffs.