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Two Conbees

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    Two Conbees

    If I have two conbees will they fill each other and increase the range. I have a sensor which is unreachable...


    Two conbees is possible, as you can use any number and combination of Conbee/ Raspbee and or Philips hue bridges with the plugin.
    But be aware that for each deCONZ installation there has to be at least one light available.

    A cheaper solution might be to check the position of your sensor. Is it within reasonable distance of a bulb (max 7 meters)? Lights are routers in the Zigbee mesh network, a sensor is mostly a battery operated device that connects only to one router (light or gateway). In deConz you can check where a sensor is connected to. If this is a Light on longer distance, or the light is loosing power because of a wall switch, consider different solutions maybe? As zigbee light does not really need to be powered off, an alternate switch sending zigbee signals might be good enough to make the sensor reachable.

    -- Wim

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