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  • Reset Philips Hue bulbs

    Here's some tip that doesn't seem simple to find on Google.

    If you need to reset your Hue bulbs, for example to connect them to a new bridge (or a reseted bridge), things are not that simple, because Philips didn't equip its lamps with a onboard procedure (for Ikea Tradfri lamps, you just have to switch on/off 6 times the lamp, than wait 2 seconde, and see a "black blink" that confirm the reset).

    So you could do this :

    1. put you bulb (on, not off) close to the gateway (Conbee, raspbee)
    2. with de deCONZ webapp, click to open netword, then scan.
    3. you should see "found one lamp" with a red reset button at the right
    4. reset this lamp that should turn off -> on one time (Ikea blink off one time)
    5. go to Phoscon (maybe it works in webapp or HS) and add the light (that is still in place close to the Conbee/Raspbee).

    Done. You'll see the reseted bul immediatly in the GUI of deCONZ or Phoscon or webapp and will have to wait (don't know how much time) to see them in HS/Jowihue.

    EDIT : it seems that resetting several times change things : for a bulb, I got channel 20 at first reset, but channel 11 after second reset.
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    Would like to add another option that involves having a Hue dimmer switch available and saves you to have to find a way to hold lights near the bridges.

    With the latest firmware of the Philips Lights,
    • reset the light by removing power from the light and powering on again.
    • Hold the Hue dimmer switch within 5 cm (2 inches) from the light
    • Simultaniously press both on and off buttons on the Hue dimmer switch for 10 seconds
    • The hue dimmer switch will blink a few times after the 10 seconds.
    • Then the light will respond by switching on and dim to off.
    • The light is now reset and can be found by opening the network on the Conbee/Raspbee/Philips Hue bridges (either Phoscon/WebApp or the plugin configuration page/scan new devices)

    The plugin will find the light once deCONZ announces them with the REST API. This should not take much longer then 5 minutes or so.
    -- Wim

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