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    I am new to Hue . I have a starter kit and the bloom . I haven't even opened the boxes yet . I have the plug-in installed and licensed. I read the documentation , but still don't understand some things . Do I need to set up the bridge with the phone app beforehand , and register the bridge with the plug-in ? Or can I take the bridge out of the box and register with the plug-in ?

    Do I need to register the bloom with the bridge first , or can the plug-in add lights ? Do I need to press a button on the bridge for it to register ? Thanks in advance .

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    You can take the bridge out of the box and register the plugin. Everything you need can be done through the plugin. However I find that some things are easier done from the Hue phone app (like upgrading the bridge software).

    You can add lights from the plugin. Once the bridge is registered, buttons will appear on the JowiHue configuration screen to scan for new lights or sensors.

    Plug the bridge into your network. JowiHue scans for new bridges periodically, or there is a button on the configuration screen to initiate a search. Once it finds a bridge, a button to connect to the bridge will appear on the plugin configuration screen (you may have to refresh the configuration page a few times). Click on that button, and then press the button in the center of the bridge. They should pair up right away.


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      Bill answered it all. Welcome aboard and thanks for the trust

      -- Wim

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