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Moving from Hue Bridge to Conbee, need help..

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  • Moving from Hue Bridge to Conbee, need help..

    I want to move to Conbee/Deconz since I want to have control for both Hue lamps as well as Ikea and Aqara sensors etc.

    Now my problem is removing the existing Philips Hue bulbs from the Hue bridge, so I'm able to re-add them to the Conbee.
    I have read almost every post I can find and apparently I'm not bright enough to get it to work, so hoping for a few tips here :-)

    1. I bought a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch and as I understand it I should be able to remove a bulb from the bridge by simply holding the On and Off button simultaniously for 10-15 seconds. However this does nothing.. The dimmer switch gives off a red blink after about 10 seconds then nothing happens.

    2. I tried with the dimmer switch both linked to the Hue bridge AND unlinked, no difference

    3. I tried the Deconz webapp with the "Reset via touchlink". Moved the USB stick to my laptop so it could be within 10cm of the bulb. - Found 1 bulb which was successfully unregistered and successfully added to Deconz. However this is not working for any of my other 20 bulbs.

    4. Read something about Zigbee channels, and saw my Conbee was using channel 15, so tried switching it to channel 11, also without any change..

    Most of the lights doesn't have a real "On/off" switch, they are always on, so manual unlinking is quite difficult.

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    For anyone encountering the same issue, apparently you need to be able to turn the lights off and then back on again for anything to work, so if the lights have been powered on for a week or more perhaps the touchlink, resets etc. doesn't work.

    I pulled the main breaker once and ta-da all the lights show up in deconz touchlink so I could move around to each bulb and reset and add to the new bridge.


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