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Xiaomi Window/Door sensor embedded tempraturesensor?

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  • Xiaomi Window/Door sensor embedded tempraturesensor?

    Hello, all!

    First of all, great plugin.

    I noticed when installing my xiaomi door/window sensors that they seemingly report temprature in Phoscon App. Can the JowiHue plugin be adapted to create devices in Homeseer for those?

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    All Xiaomi devices have something like a temperature measurement sensor, even the cube, but they are very unreliable. I checked this whit the Philips motion sensor temperatures and the weather sensors in my house. The temperature updates more or less at random times and is always very off the real temperature.

    When you have the weather sensor the temperature becomes more reliable and that is also where the plugin willl create temperature devices.

    So for now I skip the alternative temperature sensors as I think these are not to be trusted, sorry.

    -- Wim

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