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deCONZ bridge refresh messages in HS3 log

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  • deCONZ bridge refresh messages in HS3 log

    Hi Wim, I have deCONZ on an RPi running and it is working fine thus far. But I see these messages in the HS3 log every 30 seconds:

    Refresh bridge Upstairs deCONZ set to 30 seconds after establishing direct connection

    I'm assuming this is normal and not indicative of a problem. If so, is there a way to suppress these messages as they are filling the log?


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    Just for the heck of it, I shutdown JowiHue, deleted the PlugIn from the PlugIn manager page, shutdown HS3 then manually removed the JowiHue folder from the Data subfolder and removed the HSPI_JowiHue.exe.config file.

    I re-started HS3 and reinstalled JowiHue from the PlugIn page. It started up fine and I registered my RaspBee. It picked up all of my devices. I am now no longer getting the messages in the log file as before. Prior to removing and reinstalling, I had none of the boxes ticked in the Trace Options. Same with the re-installation. Very odd behavior, but at least it appears to be solved.

    One possible coincidence may be that in my original install, I started with a Philips Hue Bridge, then added the RaspBee and then finally removing the Philips Hue Bridge altogether. It was after adding the RaspBee and removing the Hue that the messages started happening in the HS3 log.



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      Normally the message "Refresh bridge Upstairs deCONZ set to 30 seconds after establishing direct connection should only show up once a connection has been made. If you get this as regular message, it suggests a timeout has occurred on the same connection and a repair of the connection is done.

      It could be caused by a few thing, a slow network (it happens to me if I copy larger files over my network once in a while), or the machine running deCONZ and/or HS3 is getting slow.

      The things you mention here - re installing the plugn should not change, even the history of the Philips bridge 'should' not be in the way. But of course the fresh start als makes sure you do not have old inherited issues anymore?

      Anyway, good it is resolved!

      -- Wim

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