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New RaspBee Not Found During Scan

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  • gentzel
    That script should work, though you likely need a chmod to make the script executable, but it seems like overkill. You're installing the given version of deCONZ (the first wget + dpkg lines) and I would think that's all most people would need. The remaining lines are only needed if you want the latest, bleeding-edge code from github.

    The instructions on github are pretty straightforward:

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  • w.vuyk

    deCONZ is running on the raspbee. You can connect the raspbee to a HDMI port to see its interface, or you can connect to it from a PC with VNCViewer.

    From there you can see the deCONZ interface and also upgrade the deCONZ through a Linux terminal. After the first upgrade the Phoscon interface will come available. This interface will guide you through updates and firmwares for the future.

    I am not much good with linux myself, so it took some help from others as well.
    I am so far using this script in a terminal window for upgrading without the Phoscon interface:

    dpkg -i deconz-${DECONZVERSION}-qt5.deb
    dpkg -i deconz-dev-${DECONZVERSION}.deb
    rm -rf deconz-rest-plugin/
    git clone
    cd deconz-rest-plugin
    git checkout -b mybranch ${DECONZGITVERSION}
    qmake && make -j3
    cp ../ /usr/share/deCONZ/plugins
    • save this file in the /opt directory as
    • Update the top two lines with the version to download (I have already set this to the current version for you)
    • run the script with "sudo ./".

    Then it will build the latest deCONZ for you, which takes time.
    Once it is finished type "reboot" to restart the raspbee and the new version will be started for you.

    I hope someone with better knowledge of Linux can check for me if I am missing steps?

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  • b0sst0n
    Spending way too much time trying to figure out how this works.

    I'm guessing I must be running DeConz on a PC that is connected to the RaspBee in order to update the device beyond what is allowed from the webui. Or, at least that is what I gather from the DeConz documentation...

    "When starting the deCONZ application a start screen appears where from a generic device can be selected and a connection to it established.

    Connect the device to a PC USB port and press the button to reload the list of devices.

    Choose your device from the list (ConBee or RaspBee) and press the Connect button."

    Which in turn makes me ask a really stupid question...

    How can I connect the RaspBee to a PC via USB?

    And, why can't I connect from the PC to the RaspBee over the network for all of this?

    I can certainly understand all of this for the ConBee, but for the RaspBee this seems counter-intuitive.

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  • b0sst0n
    I updated the RaspBee when first installed with the webapp. However, that doesn't update beyond 2.04.35... which seems strange as 2.05.20 is the version posted on their website.

    I don't see any functionality to update the firmware manually through the webapp. I am guessing this is going to be more of a manual process through the terminal.

    Are there any instructions on how to do this anywhere that you know of?

    Thanks Wim.

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  • w.vuyk

    You will need to update the raspbee to the latest beta of deCONZ. The plugin will not find the gateway with the version delivered on card, which is

    Check for the latest version? should be or higher by now.


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  • b0sst0n
    started a topic New RaspBee Not Found During Scan

    New RaspBee Not Found During Scan

    I have 2 Hue bridges already connected to Homeseer via JowiHue. Just got a RaspBee in and connected it to the network. Logged into the RaspBee interface fine and even paired a Hue Tap switch to the RaspBee.

    However, when I scan the network for new brigdes via JowiHue it never finds the new RaspBee. Is having 3 bridges supported? Is there anything I can do to force JowiHue to recognize the new RaspBee on the network?

    I see this entry in the log...

    Apr-22 10:39:41 PM JowiHue Pressed button for immediate scan for bridges - scanning started

    Sometimes, 3-5 minutes later I see this error from JowHue:

    Apr-22 10:42:53 PM JowiHue Error: (UpdateUsage)::Concurrency violation: the UpdateCommand affected 0 of the expected 1 records.