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  • Moving to a new platform

    At some point I intend to migrate my HS3 configuration to another WIN10 PC from my existing device. I wondered if anyone had move a deconz configuration between PCs and if so were there any things that would make it easier / reduce rework.


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    I am assuming you have a conBee on the HS3 machine?

    If you are on the current version of the deCONZ software, there is a backup function in the gateway settings of the Phoscon app. I think (but never tested it myself) you need to install the deCONZ software on the new machine and restore the backup after installing it with Phoscon.

    The ConBee itself also holds some data, which should work fine when you move the ConBee.

    I would use this as first try, but also copying the files from deCONZ from the old HS3 machine to the new machine could be an option I suppose?

    -- Wim

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