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Alexa / Google Home + DeConz Color support?

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  • w.vuyk

    Sorry I cannot help you out there still. I have updated the plugin as Rich announced the availability of the ControlUse "Color Control" as condition to have color control for Alexa in a plugin. I have added this and also prepared code for hexadecimal input on devices.
    But cannot test it as the skill is still only for the US and also Alexa does not know a word in Dutch

    I hope someone else can chime in or we have to find a way to see if mentioning colors reaches the plugin somehow where we can trace things?


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  • simplextech
    started a topic Alexa / Google Home + DeConz Color support?

    Alexa / Google Home + DeConz Color support?

    I have a light in DeConz showing up with JowiHue just fine. Everything works through HS3.

    So what's the secret to get color control through Alexa? I've done a search and checked that ControlUse for the color hue child device is set to color control. Alexa still says no color capabilities.

    Can anyone help with this?
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