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    I have a new home with about 70 Osram Lightify 65 Downlights. I am using the Deconz bridge with an S6 controller. My Switches are Cooper Aspire RF9501 (Master) and RF9517 (Slaves). Each Room's lightify bulbs are grouped. When I run a scene made up of 4 or 5 groups, some of lights do not respond to the scene, which leads me to believe that the rate of zigbee commands may be too fast. Scenes with one or two groups are super reliable. Is there a system configuration variable to slow down the command rate?

    Of if you have other ideas what might be happening, LMK please.

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    It is possible then the timing of the plugin is to fast when you use more then 3 groups in the same scene. In Philips official statements of performance, they advised groupcommands to be send 1 per second (as it is controlling multiple lights). I did some experimenting in the past and adjusted the timing to my own findings. I adjusted the timing to one groupcommand per 0.4 second. But I used only 2 or 3 groups then, but it might indeed to be too fast in your situation.

    I have not seen other performance recommendations from deCONZ, so I made these fit the same perfomance settings in the plugin.

    I will be submitting a new version today to HST where I will adjust the speed of subsequent groupcommands to one per 0.8 seconds (half as fast). Let me know if this changes your issue once installed?


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