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Can't set up new install

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  • Can't set up new install

    Bought the plugin for use with ha-bridge.
    ha-bridge is working as it should and, for example, is recognized by alexa and a harmony hub.
    Installed the plugin, authorized firewall access and started a scan.
    Keep getting the following error:
    "Error: (BridgeFound)::Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    Have tried rebooting everything...but am stuck.
    Thanks in advance.


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    after fiddling around and forcing the "link " mode on ha bridge - I now get the below.
    Aug-11 1:03:57 AM Info Plugin JowiHue with instance: has disconnected
    Aug-11 1:03:55 AM JowiHue Warning: Removing devices of this bridge and removing administration
    Aug-11 1:03:55 AM JowiHue Warning: Found a bridge on IP with invalid zigbeechannel (6). Bridge ignored (emulated bridge?)
    Aug-11 1:03:55 AM JowiHue recreating bridge device HA-Bridge
    Aug-11 1:03:25 AM JowiHue Plugin succesfully started


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      This plugin will not work for a ha bridge. I can control bridges from deCONZ and Philips Hue. The ha bridge has different functionality?

      -- Wim

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        Thanks for the reply. The ha bridge is merely a software emulator of the philips hue. All applications that can recognize and connect to a hue, can or should be able to connect to the ha bridge. So far, I have success with Alexa, the Phillips Hue droid app, and the harmony hub -- but there is something in your handshake that causes it to fail and for the JowiHue plugin to blow up and restart!

        Any chance we can fix this - ha-bridge + jowihue = amazing 2 way support in Homeseer for the excellent ha-bridge.