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Scenes for Presets (multiple bridges)

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  • Scenes for Presets (multiple bridges)

    Is there anyway for the presets to load scenes that are on the bridge?

    My issue is that I have 4 bridges, and they used to be split up between areas (downstairs, upstairs, bedrooms, outside). But downstairs has too many lights so I needed to add some downstairs lights to the upstairs bridge. It is only going to get worse from here because I have more lights to add.

    I am trying to find an easy way to create scenes with multiple bridges. For example if I want all downstairs to have the spring scene, I save the spring scene on every hue room, then I create an event adding "spring on" for every room I need. This works, but takes a while because that is 10 hue rooms just for the downstairs common area.

    In JuwiHue it is easy to set scenes for multiple rooms at once and multiple bridges at once, but my scenes that are on the hue bridge(s) don't load into the scenes presets in JowiHue. Anyway to make that possible? I am going to be working with close to 200 hue lights, so I am trying to find quicker solutions.

    The other option is to make downstairs and upstairs one big room each, but I like the idea of having easy control per actual room.

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    First of all, scenes are not presets. A preset is a (one) color setting that can be applied to any light or group of lights. A JowiHue scene can control multiple lights with different settings for lights, thus creating a nice effect with different colors. A JowiHue scene can be applied independant of bridges as you can include any light available in the plugin. the lugin will make sure the correct bridges are controlled simultaniously.
    A bridge scene (mainly for Philips Hue) can never control multiple bridge as it is only present on one bridge.

    The easiest way to convert a bridge scene to a JowiHue scene is using the snapshot facility in the scenes tab of the plugin's creativity page. Acitvate the bridgescene with the Philips app and then take a snapshot with the plugin. It will then create a scene 'snapshot' with the used settings by the bridge scene. You can remove bulbs that are not needed and/or remove the sets you do not need.
    Then add the lights from other bridges you want to join in the scenes and rename the scene to a usefull name (not snapshot...) you want to use.

    Would this method help you?

    -- Wim

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      Thank you, I now understand, and the snapshot should work well. I can use onswitch or huedynamic to set a scene through the whole house or through certain areas, and then take a snapshot with the bulbs I need.