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HomeSeer not registering changes made by zigbee switch

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    HomeSeer not registering changes made by zigbee switch

    I'm experiencing a strange behaviour with a zigbee switch that is linked through deCONZ and jowihue.

    - The switch is registered and appears as a device in Homeseer
    - Device in Homeseer is linked to a JowiHue Group of lights
    - Turning the device on/off in the HomeSeer browser controls the lights on/off as expected (I can also see the change in HS log)

    So far, all good. Now to the strange part:

    - When I physically turn the switch on/off I can see the device change in the HS browser, but for some reason the change does not affect the linked group of lights...
    - Even if the manual changes are affecting the state of the HS Device, noting is registered in the HS log...

    I would highly appreciate any input on this one. Thanks!


    How did you link the device? Did you do this by creating events for the light control in Homeseer? Or did you use rules in deCONZ (not needed for JowiHue)?

    For a good answer I need to know more details on how you did the linking? It sounds like you need to create events for control.

    -- Wim

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