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Philips Hue Motion Sensor Temperature settings reset when plug-in restarts

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  • Philips Hue Motion Sensor Temperature settings reset when plug-in restarts

    If you can get beyond that wordy topic header, what I mean is this: Whenever I restart the JowiHue plug-in, some of the temperature settings reset. On the third tab of the temperature device, "Status Graphics", there is the option to set a value range, which defaults to a Start of 0 and End of 130. I change this to -20 and 40 (Celsius), and all is well until the next time the plug-in is restarted -- then it's back to the 0 to 130 range. Similarly, Decimal Places defaults back to 2 when restarting, and Value Offset to 0. The others seem to "stick", thankfully, it's just these ones that don't.

    As I already have four of these sensors in my HA system, replacing all these settings when restarting HS or the plug-in can be a bit of a pain. It's not the end of the world, but when the garage temperature dips below freezing (0 C), the corresponding display blanks out if I haven't re-entered these settings.

    Is this a bug that can be addressed in the next version, or is there a file or something I can edit to make these stick? Many thanks for your help!

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    The reason this is reset with every restart is that users can change between setting Fahrenheit and Celsius in the HS settings. So during the start of the plugin the plugin will set the possible values of the temperature devices. I never thought of expecting temperatures (duhhhhh) lower then 0 !! Lets say it is always summer in my head...

    I have adjusted the range from -30 to 130 for now (fits Fahrenheit and Celsius) and hope this will be good for you too? This will be in the next version.

    -- Wim

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      Thanks so much, Wim, that will be a big help. We use one in our (unheated) garage, and it's not uncommon in the dead of a Saskatchewan winter for the temperature to drop in there to around -20 (-4 F) or lower. (Outside temps around -40 F/C.)

      Thanks for an excellent product, btw, works really well!