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Bridgescan errors slowing down Plug-In

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  • Bridgescan errors slowing down Plug-In

    Thanks for a nice plug-in and your efforts to maintain and improve it.

    For some time I have had a nagging problem where I need to restart the plug-in periodically as my system slowed to a crawl. I recently turned on debug and noticed the following in my log. Any help on how to resolve this or what might be going on?

    Debug: (Bridgescan) :Start Scan for bridges [date/time}
    Error: (UDPListener:: Too many open files
    Error: (Bridgecan)::Error: NameResolutionFailure

    The above sequence repeats every 5 minutes until I stop and restart the plug-in.

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    Did not see similar error before. I am also wondering about the nameresolutionfailure here. Could this have something to do with ipv6 maybe?

    How are you running the plugin? Linux or Windows? Using deCONZ or Philips Hue bridge?

    I think I know how I could solve the to many open files error, but I think the real cause behind this is the nameresolutionfailure, maybe it helps if you think of anything special in the network settings?


    -- Wim

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