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Xiaomi cube, aquara

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    Xiaomi cube, aquara

    Hi, just ordered 2 of them.

    Wanted to know Some cool ideas I could try with theses.

    What did you do with your cube?
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    My kids have these.
    If they put it on any side, they get different colors of the lights in their room depenting on the side. I have put numbers on each side.
    A double tab turns on white light. A shake turns off the light.
    Have not found a usefull thing for the side motion. (Push on the side)


      Here the cube is used for dimming (twisting the cube) and for switching certain lights off and on (double tap). Shaking the cube will start my Roomba vacuum.
      There seems to be a new value also now for throwing the cube in the air.... will try to add this too in the plugin.
      -- Wim

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