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Questions about scenes

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  • Questions about scenes

    First, in an event, if I select a scene using the set scene action and pick a scene from the bridge, it does not allow me to address a particular set of lights. Is this then setting that scene for all lights in the house? Under the iPhone app I have scenes in there - default scenes - and I would like to use them. So for example set Bright in Living Room and Dimmed in Family Room. I have an event setup for each room, and each room I am setting the scene - but the scene action doesn't allow you to specify a room?

    Second, using the creativity tab I am interested in setting up some of my own scenes. How does one decide what Hue, Degree, Saturation numbers to use? Is it possible to go into the iPhone app and play around with the color wheel then get the settings from that? Or is it easier to use the iPhone app, get the color where I want, and then save as a scene in the iPhone app and then use that in the plugin? If so, what is the benefit of doing this in the plugin? Thanks.

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    Scenes are always assigned to lights. You can assign the lights in the Creativity page for the JowiHue scenes. Scenes stored on the Philips Hue bridge are created with the Philips apps, and are also assigned to lights. In a scene you can have multiple settings, assigned to different lights, or you can use a preset, that can be assigned to any scene or used in an event and then assigned to any light or group of lights (room). so in your question, you could think of using a preset, which you can assign to any group or single light in an event.

    With the preset tab in the creativy page one can play with settings by selecting one light to display the setting you created to preview the results you set. But also, in the presets tab as wel in the scenes tab, you can take a snapshot.. In the presets tab you select one light to take the snapshot from and you press the snapshot (small camera button) next to an open group of presets. It will then copy the current settings of a light as a preset, so you can use the setting at any time,

    In the scenes tab the snapshot icon does the same, but will then take a copy of all lights that are on, after that you can remove the lights that are not needed and you keep the different settings that create that nice effect in your room for example,

    Make sure to press the button "Create demo set" after selecting a set of lights to test. This will create some presets, scens and animations and might make thing a bit clearer?


    -- Wim

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      Thanks for the help. I realized what I did wrong. I have two scenes in the Phillips App for different rooms with the same name. So when looking at the scenes in homeseer I didn't realize that one was for one room and one for the other. Hence the erratic behavior. I have now gone through and renamed the scenes in the Hue app and also started to create them in the plugin. I did crash the plugin several times when playing in the creativity page. I need to spend some more time here as I don't fully understand the workflow. However, creating scenes in the app and referencing them is working very well.