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Sensors Xiaomi temp and window/door heartbeat

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  • w.vuyk
    The Xiaomi sensors have a habit of reporting only once per hour at best if no changes are detected. But I also noticed that deCONZ seems to respond different on a per sensortype before it sets a device to unreachable. Also for lights deCONZ differs before it sets the light unreachable.

    The plugin will only report unreachable if deCONZ does this. You can always compare on the properties page of the device, on the JowiHue tab. It shows you the JSON reported bby deCONZ. You can check the reachable state for this.


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  • egbertje
    started a topic Sensors Xiaomi temp and window/door heartbeat

    Sensors Xiaomi temp and window/door heartbeat

    Do the windows/door sensors and temp sensors from Xiaomi have a heartbeat?
    In the status graphics from the windows/door sensors i see an status icon for unreachable (motion unreachable??), for temp sensors there isn't.
    But if i get the battery out of the door sensor for about an hour, i see in deconz that nothing changes / the connection is still there and stays.
    And so theres comes no unreachable status in Homeseer.
    Do these sensors have a heartbeat, and/or is the status unreachable for the doorsensor a bug?