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Sensor device state change not logged in HS3

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  • Sensor device state change not logged in HS3

    Setting my first steps towards zigbee so got some xiaomi sensors and a conbee interface plus the plugin (nice work BTW). Everything working fine except I don't see the device state changes from the sensors in the HS3 logging. Device status itself in HS3 works fine and events also work fine just the logging in HS3 is missing.

    Regards Henk

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    I have seen this too. I have seen that lights are logged in the HS3 log, but sensors not. I have not discovered why this is happening. It is a HS3 function, not coming from the plugin. Maybe some option is missing during device creation for sensors, but as far I know they are both created the same way. Maybe becuase the lights have a on/off function and sensors not?

    -- Wim

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      Wim tnx for your feedback. It's not really a big issue but if I discover more on this I will let you know.

      Regards Henk