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Aqara Battery Safety

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  • Aqara Battery Safety


    I would like to get some peoples opinion on the safety of Aqara devices. They contain CR2032 lithium button / cell batteries which if swallowed by a child can cause severe injury or death within a few hours. Here in Australia, if the product that contains button batteries isn't secured by a cover requiring a tool, or requiring two simultaneous movements to open the cover, the product is recalled.

    Do you think the covers are secured enough to stop a child from opening them? I'm a bit concerned that when mounted using the double sided adhesive, that it just needs to be twisted, and that exposes the button battery.


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    Yes, it is very easy to get to the battery...


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      1. The tape itself is VERY strong and difficult to remove once it is applied to the back.
      2. Removing the battery cover is an ordeal. I use a quarter or a very large screwdriver and it still takes substantial effort.

      If a child ingests one of these batteries from an Aqara device it's probably because someone left one lying around or left a cover off, IMO.


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        Thanks for the information. I think the main concern is once they are mounted using the adhesive tape they just need to be rotated to expose the button battery. The cover they have might be sufficient when not mounted. Hopefully in the future they design a screw cover for the battery.