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Tradfri wireless dimmer

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    Tradfri wireless dimmer

    Just got one of these to try out - even has it listed as a valid device to be added in the phoscon app.

    So, added it successfully, shows up as a HS device... BUT....

    The actual node doesn't update when rotating either way.

    I can see it sending data in the deconz app, it's updating the battery device periodically, but the device is just stuck on the value 2002 and never changes.

    Tried rebuilding the values, etc, nothing works

    Any ideas?

    **************************** Object info *****************************
    "state": {
    "lastupdated": "none"
    "config": {
    "on": true,
    "alert": "none",
    "battery": 34,
    "reachable": true
    "name": "TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer",
    "type": "ZHASwitch",
    "modelid": "TRADFRI wireless dimmer",
    "manufacturername": "IKEA of Sweden",
    "swversion": "1.2.248",
    "uniqueid": "d0:cf:5e:ff:fe:cb:80:00-01-1000",
    "ep": 1,
    "etag": "34e887a1f832d9add25b94a0634007c5",
    "mode": 4
    ************************* End Object info ***************************

    Answer my own problem time

    Well, it just started working - not sure if it was a conbee issue or a PI renumeration thing, but seems to work now.

    Does anyone have the full range of values it can generate so I can map them? Seems like there are at least 4 (nudge clockwise/anti clockwise and long sweep for both directions too)


      We were crossing here, so resending a ne new message now. In the JSON you posted, lastupated was still none, so I was indeed wondering if deCONZ had finished yet with getting all info on the device. Because the dimmer is a battery operated device it can take a bit more time. I have dusted the device I have, which I am not really using, so the battery had drained :-)

      As far I can emulate here I can see only few values passing by, 1002, 2002,3002 and 4002, where 1002 seems to be a long clockwise and 4002 a long anti clockwise. The 2002 and 3002 feel to be a bit random for nudges - I think these show a on/release state and not any direction.. I remember in the past I als had dificulties with finding the correct values for this device.
      I also checked the Github site, it is quite hidden, but the values I mentioned seem to be all that is reported.

      -- Wim

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        Awesome, thanks for that