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Unreachable Status on known working lights

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  • Unreachable Status on known working lights

    Jowihue often reports Unreachable status on lights that are in fact working fine. They show correct status in the Hue app and HS3 is able to control the lights. After turning light on and off a few times the status eventually updates. This occurs with some lights. Not all. Varies light to light. Suggestions?

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    When the plugin reports unreachable, can you check the properties of the parent device, the JowiHue tab? There a json representation where the bridge reply is shown. It is what the bridge reports to the plugin. Check the value on "reachable". If it is showing false the plugin shows the correct value, It is not uncommon for an unreachabel device to respond, there are some timeouts on the bridges that the plugin cannot influence. I have here a plug that has been offline for quite some time, but the bridge is stil reporting reachable for some reason. The Hue app is known to try not to show unreachable for as long as acceptable.
    There seems to be a bit of difference in reporting unreachable vs really being unreachable. So indeed a command to switch lights off and on might work despite the light showing to be unreachable. The plugin is only reporting what it gets as response from the bridges.

    If a light is reporting unreachable regulary, check if the distance between 'routers' (routers are bulbs, bridges and plugs) and the unreachable lights are within ca. 7 meters (21 feet) or so. If you think the distance might be larger then that, try adding another router in between, or move the unreachable light closer to a nearby router. Even just moving things around temporarely for the test might help you determine what the issue is.


    *edit* Also check for other devices that might interfere with the signals (a wireless router near the bridges, microwave oven nearby, several walls in between etc.)
    -- Wim

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