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Zigbee/Deconz devices not responding in Homeseer

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  • w.vuyk
    I am wondering what is happening here. The Hue bridge you have is working normally?

    I think there is an issue at startup for the bridge. Could you create a detailed trace for me and send it to me?

    Follow these steps for creating a detailed trace:

    1. Enable the detailed trace and log to file options in the configuration page, trace tab
    2. Stop the plugin and restart the plugin
    3. Let the plugin run for 20 minutes or so
    4. Disable the log to file and detailed trace options
    5. You will find the trace in the Logs subdirectory of your homeseer installation

    Send the JowiHue.log file to w dot vuyk at upcmail dot nl


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  • sturesvendsen
    started a topic Zigbee/Deconz devices not responding in Homeseer

    Zigbee/Deconz devices not responding in Homeseer

    After restart of Homeseer I`m not able to control devices from Deconz in Homeseer. Latest firmware/update has been installed. It seems like Homeseer looses connection to Deconz after each reboot of my PC. There is no devices listed under Deconz/Bridge Maintenance.
    If I remove Deconz bridge, Homeseer will automatically add the bridge again since it is whitelisted before but no devices are found. So now I have working devices in Deconz, and Deconz bridge connected to HS but no devices comes up in HS..