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I said I'd do a topic about my issue.

Here, all my rooms ( lights) are controlled by a master Virtual device. Let take the example of the Hallway group.

In the Hallway there are 3 lights that I control.

1. A Jowihue group ( composed of 6 lights) called Hallway lamp. I CONSIDER ALL OF THEM BEING A UNIQUE ENTITY (HALLWAY LAMP)
2. A Lutron light called Ceiling
3. A Lutron light called stairs

I do control them Individually and withing a group called Hallway group. So I can say to alexa, Turn On|Off hallway , or set hallway to %.

So the problem is when I try to control them via group.
Ex. When i say turn off hallway, i have set up my events in a way that each ''entity'' ( I named three here) check if its state correspond to the state of ''hallway group. If not, then it will set itself to the same setting of hallway group. If it was already the same , then this ''entity'' will do nothing.

The problem I found is , when i have restarted the pc, the state of the group do not honor the states of the light/bulbs, it is set to off ( I can see the real state of the entity hallway lamp with my eyes, it is on). So, if i ask alexa ''turn off hallway'' events check if the entity is off. The events wrongly assume it is off because the hallway lamp says the lamp is off. The entity ''hallway lamp'' does nothing here and the bulbs stays on.

I have to ask alexa to turn on|off the hallway 2 or 3 time before the plugin catch the real state of the it can honor my conditional events.

Here's a picture of my events for the Hallway group.

-Device ref:1042 is Hallway lamp entity
-Device ref:1864 is the hallway group.

nb: I could make conditional events for each Philips bulb, but I'd need to make more event for this to work ( and with one event per entity group the plugin only make one api http post call I believe). And when i use the group instead of the bulbs separately, it makes all the bulbs react at the same time versus in a serial manner.

Let me know if something is not clear.

Thanks !