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How to replace bricked bridge

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  • w.vuyk

    The best chance is to place the new bridge (wait with adding the lights to this bridge!). Stop the plugin and remove the bridge (NOTHING ELSE) device from the manage devices page of HS3. Then start the plugin. It should find the new bridge. Register it for the plugin.
    Then start adding lights and sensors to the bridge, one by one. Check the logs of HS3, the plugin should add the light or sensors and shortly after show coments that it is finding moved lights. It will correct the administration and from there control the light with the already excisting events.

    This should still work fine, although I have not recheced it for the past few releases... but you will know from the first light added if this works.

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  • dcdelong
    started a topic How to replace bricked bridge

    How to replace bricked bridge

    Over the week-end my V2 Hue Bridge got wet and ruined.... too long of a story to explain....

    Have a new bridge heading my way but am wondering if there is anyway to transfer the 35+ lights and motion detectors over without having to add them all one at a time and then clean up the 60 or so events without a working original bridge....

    Anyone with what would be good news?

    Thank you,