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Suggestion: Use default icons.

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    Suggestion: Use default icons.

    Could a 'use homeseer default icons' be implemented in the future?
    The bulb-icons are nice, but I would rather keep my homeseer view clean.

    Each plugin comes with its own set of icons. the default icons are not fit for every plugin or different devices. But if you want different icons then the plugin is using, you can change it to your liking when you go to the properties of a device and select the button set thumbnail icon in the advanced tab?

    -- Wim

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      Ok, i figured that the Homeseer icons used in the z-wave and other 'native' plugins - was some sort of standard set, that could be used by all plugins - sorry
      I've been through changing thumbnails and status icons (Se attached screenshot), and i'm happy with the result.

      Click image for larger version

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