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Set Light Temp without turning on bulbs that are off

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    Set Light Temp without turning on bulbs that are off

    Hi guys... I'd like to be able to set the bulb temperature throughout the house without turning on bulbs that are off.

    For example, at 10:00 am, I'd like a scene that will turn any bulbs on to 6400k. At dusk, 3000k. The catch now is that if the bulb is off, sending the signal turns it on at a very low dim.

    Is there a way to only send the signal to bulbs that are currently on to prevent them from being turned on? Ideally, I could send it to the off bulbs to prepare them in case they are turned on but I know that's probably asking a lot

    Thanks for any tips...

    The latest beta of the Easy Trigger plugin's Set Device to Expression or Set Group to Expression allows you to use an "if" condition in the expression and to only send to devics if the "if" causes a change in the current value. Maybe that would work for you. This is better explained in this thread:


      I do this. All of the bulbs in my system are controlled by a set of scripts and events based on motion. So if motion is detected a light is turned on if it is off, and if it is on I check to see if the light temp (CT) is at the current system setting, and if not I change it. To do this the script has to search through the associated devices of the ON/OFF device to find the CT device (if writing a script to change all bulbs this could be hard coded). It does require that motion occur in the room to change the CT value, but that works for how I use it.

      Using events, you could define a set of recurring (like once a minute) events for each bulb, with an ANDIF of the bulb being on and an ANDIF for a virtual device being on for the CT value you want to set and an ANDIF for the current CT value. Something like this:

      IF recurring every minute
      ANDIF BulbOne is ON
      ANDIF LightTempDay is ON
      ANDIF CT for BulbOne not equal to X
      Then set CT for BulbOne to X
      IF recurring every minute
      ANDIF BulbOne is ON
      ANDIF LightTempNight is ON
      ANDIF CT for BulbOn not equal to Y
      Then set CT for BulbOne to Y

      Or you could set up these events as manual events and then call them from a master event that is triggered on specific criteria rather than just once a minute. Just make sure to check "Run only if other event conditions are TRUE".


        I played with the deconz json api. And there seems to be no way to send a ct , or anything else , without sending at the same time a brighness value . The api respond with a β€˜β€™ cannot set to value if bri is set to 0’’or something like that. I even tried by sending a brightness of 0 with a ct value, but no luck.

        In other words , I think this is why the plugin (i guess but maybe i m wrong) is turning the bUlbs on when you only change the ct or else From hs3 . I think the plugin send the last brighness value to deconz api (or philips hue bridge) .


          From the Zigbee's HA perspective, sending a CT command when a device is off will throw an error. The device has to be on to send the command.
          hat is why the plugin is including the on command with the CT command. As it is presumed that if you trigger a CT command from Homeseer, obviously you want to see the CT on the light.
          I think the suggestion of bdickhaus might be the best way around it, you have to check if the light is already on if you want a selective CT command only to devices that are already on. A script for this would be the easiesest/most efficient way to go?

          -- Wim

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