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Any chance to get support with Zigbee thermostats?

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    Any chance to get support with Zigbee thermostats?

    Hi @w.vuyk,

    I know it's far fetch but I'm at a loss for finding a solution.

    I will be adding a heated floor that will require 2 thermostats. There are no Z-Wave thermostat available for floor heating purpose that work with the North American standard. This is really sad as there are many models for European standard.

    The only technologies I found are Wi-Fi (which is out of the question for me) and Zigbee.

    And there isn't much support for Zigbee besides this plugin...

    I'm willing to be the guinea pig if necessary.

    I'm looking at getting a "Zipato Zipatile controller" which has ZWave, Zigbee and BT radios. But I'm not sure yet if it work with the Sinopé Zigbee thermostats I'm probably end up with.

    If anyone has suggestions on other controllers including both Zigbee and Z-Wave (except the Hubitat), I'm all ears.



    Maybe you should ask deconz dev,(manup) directly on their github.


      The plugin so far only supports one Thermostat - the Eurotronic valve thermostat. Support for extra types of thermostats has to be implemented in deCONZ (on their github site) I have seen several requests lately, but their response is getting a bit slow.....

      -- Wim

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