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Deconz and Conbee II on separate server

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  • Deconz and Conbee II on separate server

    Just checking that JowiHue can worth with Deconz running on a separate server. I run HS on a Zee and can't add the conbee II to it, but have setup a standalone linux server to run Deconz on. I will migrate HS to it eventually, but for now my license is not transferable from the Zee to the Linux server. I assume this will work as the conbee is simply a bridge with an IP address as far as the plugin is concerned correct?

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    The plugin will handle this fine. The only expectation is that the deCONZ machine has to be on the same network, VLAN constructions and such will not work.
    It will work with any Philips Hue bridge or deCONZ gateway, local or on different machine
    -- Wim

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