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  • w.vuyk
    Phoscon has a bad habit of creating a new group for each switch of sensor. These groups populate to the plugin as well. There is an option in the configuration page to ignore this kind of groups in the plugin.

    The South Curtainis a group and certainly not the curtain motor which will appear a light. Did you check if the curtain motor is visible in Phoscon? There are chances that you need to try to do a zigbee reset, which seems to be a bit of hit and miss on this thread on gihub. When you perform the reset remember to start the device scan on the configuration page?
    Also, make sure to find out how to calibrate the curtain motor on the same thread - the dim value will then work correctly as well.

    -- Wim

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  • gmitch64
    started a topic Lumi Curtain Issue

    Lumi Curtain Issue

    Plugin version Deconz version 2.05.64

    I received my second Lumi Curtain a week or so ago, and tried to add it to Deconz this last weekend. After several tries, I managed to get it to link. I couldn't see it come through to HS, and since the curtain I added a few months ago was behaving somewhat erratically, I decided to delete it from HS and restart the plugin and let it reimport.

    Once the plugin restarted, both curtains imported...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Curtain.PNG Views:	0 Size:	86.6 KB ID:	1320676
    The original curtain was the Office South one. As you can see, it imported as a group device. The new curtain, Office West, imported as a light.
    The controls on the South curtain don't do anything, the controls for the West one do spin the motor - it's not installed on the rail yet, so the motor doesn't have a stop point, so keeps on going and going till the power is disconnected.

    Looking at the JSON for them both, this is what I see..

    **************************** Object info *****************************
    "name": "Office South Curtain",
    "lights": [],
    "action": {
    "on": false,
    "bri": 127,
    "hue": 0,
    "sat": 127,
    "ct": 0,
    "effect": "none",
    "xy": [
    "type": "LightGroup",
    "state": {
    "all_on": false,
    "any_on": false
    "devicemembership": [],
    "etag": "eb0205aabbe3f50fecc86081f765b586",
    "scenes": [],
    "id": "13"
    ************************* End Object info ***************************
    **************************** Object info *****************************
    "type": "Window covering device",
    "name": "Office West Curtain",
    "modelid": "lumi.curtain",
    "swversion": "08-13-2018",
    "uniqueid": "00:15:8d:00:02:ed:b3:76-01",
    "manufacturername": "LUMI",
    "state": {
    "on": true,
    "bri": 1,
    "alert": "none",
    "reachable": true
    "etag": "bc1c6589360e09948e23392b465eaba9",
    "hascolor": false
    ************************* End Object info ***************************

    In Phoscon, they both look to be ok..

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Curtain South.PNG Views:	0 Size:	22.1 KB ID:	1320677

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Curtain West.PNG Views:	0 Size:	21.0 KB ID:	1320678

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Last edited by gmitch64; August 13th, 2019, 05:02 AM. Reason: Edit to fix the code tag.