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How do I install the beta?

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  • How do I install the beta?

    I'm getting major grief from my wife about none of the lights in the house working, so I'm going to have to install the beta with the fix in it.
    Our HA system is pretty critical to us and so I have never, ever, used anything other than release packages of the plugins I have installed. I'm not very comfortable with the idea of installing a beta on a critical system, but needs must.
    Unfortunately, to be blunt, I haven't got the first clue how to install anything other than the updates HS3 offers to me. The advice is simply "install the beta", so I assumed that there was some way of telling HS3 to use beta packages rather than the normal releases. Nope, can't find anything. I assume, therefore that I must download it from somewhere (where?) and manually install it (how?).
    I've read through the beta thread and can't see any reference to where the package is or how to install it.
    I can't believe for a moment that there aren't instructions somewhere and fully accept that it is entirely my fault that I can't find them.
    If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.


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      Thank you.



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        I am sorry for having to install the beta.
        It is not my habit to promote this either. But Philips/Signify surpised me with the speed of updating all bridges after their beta. I have no choice but to advise the beta at this point.

        I I think it is quite save to do now, all initial flaws have stabilized now in the current beta it seems.

        -- Wim

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          I don't normally venture into Betas either, but for me it worked flawlessly. Now my wife is happier the lights work again!

          I did shut down HS and take a copy of the entire HS3 folder before i installed the beta, just in case...