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  • What all do I need?

    There are some ZigBee switches I want to try. Right now my HS is mostly Insteon and some X-10. I am running HS3 on a Raspberry Pi 3b, Raspbian. I have 2 open USB ports. I want to get the hardware before I buy the plug-in so I can use the trial. Will this work as the gateway?

    And besides the devices I want to control, is there anything else I need? I keep seeing deCONZ in the forum. What is that? Thanks for any reply. No hurry.

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    I run it on a windows machine,
    then you need the stick
    and the software
    and ofcourse the plugin

    i don't know if it works on a raspberry, because i don't have that


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      The hub you posted is not supported by this plugin. The plugin supports Philips Hue bridges and deCONZ gateways (Conbee or Raspbee or the RaspBee Premium card ).
      I am not sure if the deCONZ gateway software runs fine on the same raspberry as HS3 (it does run on a raspberry), maybe others can chime in to confirm if this should work?

      A link to the store (should be on amazone too, but cannot search on US amazone)
      -- Wim

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