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Dim, not instant on/off after upgrade

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    Dim, not instant on/off after upgrade

    Just upgraded deConz and Conbee to latest version.

    I have a few IKEA Tradfri and Floalt lights around the house. Before I upgraded, these lights was instant on when I turned them on. Now, after the upgrade, they dim on.

    Not a big issue, but I really like them to be instant on again. Any way to fix this through Jowihue? Can't find any such option in deConz.

    There is an option for that in the configuration page of the plugin. You can set the on/off speed setting that wil be send with commands. But if deCONZ is slowing down, I am not so sure that this could speed things up. I did not notice the same slow down here, I am on 2.05.85 at this point? Wonder what might cause these.

    I have a Floalt light here that lost its connection to the Conbee long time ago. Do you have any idea how to correctly reset the light? Tried on/off 5 times but that does not really see, to work here? Could join it to a remote, but never been able to reconnect it to the Conbee..
    -- Wim

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      I had some trouble resetting my Floalt as well. The trick seems to be on/off 6 times, where every ON was very short and every OFF was about 0.5 seconds.

      And the Floalt seem to be quite picky on where to hold the Conbee when pairing. I had to try several times at different places on the lamp.