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Need help on best way to get Sinope TH1300ZB Floor Thermostat set up in homeseer

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    Need help on best way to get Sinope TH1300ZB Floor Thermostat set up in homeseer

    So I have been reading posts and getting quite confused actually on the best approach to get these Sinope zigbee thermostats under homeseer's control. I have a HomeSeer Plus with HS4 (windows), and the Nortek HUSBZB-1. I bought that latter figuring there might be some zigbee in my future. I have two of the TH1300RF models connected to the Sinope Gateway GT125, and am using Spud's GT125 Plugin, and these work great. So fast forward, and I now have added (3) of the TH1300ZBs and the limited zigbee plugin can see the thermostats but they only report the floor temp. Since it does not look like the GT130 will ever be an option, I need to figure out the easiest path to getting these to work. I am posting here because this appears to be the only subtopic that remotely seems appropriate. I am dead set on these thermostats, and keeping control local and not internet dependent.

    So, what hardware and plugin and any combination of would be the easiest way to get these included. I would prefer not to venture into script writing, as I am trying to keep my homeseer environment as basic as possible, but as a last resort.

    For JowiHUE to possibly work you'd need a deCONZ Conbee II dongle.
    Have you looked at zigbee2MQTT with the HUSBZB-1 and Michael's mcsMQTT Plugin?
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      bobm4242 You can also check this thread where the thermostat is added to deCONZ: Unable to get Zigbee thermostat recognized - HomeSeer Message Board
      It seems to work, but could still have some refinement done in deCONZ part.

      -- Wim

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        Thanks for the responses. I have the Conbee II on order, and will give the JowieHue/DeConz approach a try. I took a quick look at the MQTT but there will be a learning curve there. At some point I guess I need to figure out where i need to focus my education. In any case as the HS4 Zigbee interface seems to have minimal capability, I figure the JowieHue plugin will give me more Zigbee power.