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    deCONZ GUI via VNC?

    Apologies up front of I've missed this somewhere here. I've dug and dug!

    (I haven't received my ConBee II yet - it arrives in the US via DHL-Global from Amazon _Spain_ next week! - but I've been trying to get the drivers and software/plugins installed to get a feeling for the interface.)

    After installing deCONZ manually on my Pi HomeTroller Zee, according to Phoscon's ConBee install instructions page at (installed via SSH), I'm at a loss as to how to access the GUI for deCONZ, or if I even need to access it, to maintain the ZigBee system/plugin.

    But it does seem like I'll need a graphical display on the HS HomeTroller Pi to run it with a GUI. (ie, threads refer to running deCONZ as a GUI)

    First I need to say, I'm fairly ignorant of Linux, pretty much just following the directions from others.

    After having wrestled with trying to use VNC with the HomeTroller, I'm still baffled...

    From some accounts, VNC comes pre-installed by HomeSeer on the Pi. After enabling it using Raspi-config, access via VNC gave me the error 'no .xsession file for [username], no .Xsession file for [username], no window manager....', seems that the Linux window manager has not been installed yet. Should it have been?

    I added an empty .xsession file which removed the login-screen error giving me a pretty login-screen, but now logging in only gives me a momentary black screen and then loops back to the login screen. Is this likely because the window manager is non-existent? Or is there something more missing?

    Should Raspi-config have installed the required window manager when I enabled VNC?

    How would I know if there's a window manager installed?

    Thanks for any help!


    I have not much knowledge of Linux here so I hope someone else can join in with more knowledge here.

    But I have seen several users trying to get deCONZ running on a Zee. As far I know running deCONZ has not been a success on a Zee, you could be up to a challenge here.
    deCONZ has a GUI, which can be very helpful when analyzing connections. For this you would indeed need something like VNC.
    Other gateway functions can be accessed through Phoscon and/or bridge Maintenance of the JowiHue plugin.

    As for enabling and logging in through VNC on the Zee you might want to try homeseer support for this, as they probably know the steps to enable this, including eventually activating a window manager.

    -- Wim

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      Deconz works well on a raspberry pi. You don't actually need to run the viewer, the phoscon app has a web browser based ui, and its useful to add devices but also do firmware updates. I use vnc to login to a pi, and I also have a zwave stick that runs on it as well. This is not a zee of course, but a regular pi. You can use the SER2NET on the Pi as per the instructions found on the forums, but also can use the virtualusbhere stuff to remote the USB port over IP and that works really well.


        I do not have a Zee nor a ConBee. However, running a gui via SSH is possible.

        The easiest way I have found to do this is to install MobaXterm (the free Home Edition) on your pc. Unlike putty, MobaXterm has a built in X-Windows server which allows you to display remote linux gui screens on your pc.

        After installing MobaXterm, make sure the X server is running (menu option "X server" -> "Start X server").
        Then, ssh to you Zee within MobaXterm.
        Based on the manual you linked to, open the gui by typing "deCONZ" or "deCONZ --http-port=80 --auto-connect=1" on the Zee.

        Here is an example of displaying ImageMagick from a remote rasberry pi on my pc.

        Click image for larger version

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          Heh! After re-reading my message, I see it kind of wanders all over, trying to get a grip on this!

          But you've answered most of my question, thanks.

          From what you-all are saying, it sounds like I'll be able to configure and manage the ZigBee part of my HomeSeer system with just JowiHue and Phoscon's web-app.

          I'll see if installing a light window manager gets me anywhere for viewing the Pi's system with a Linux ui, and maybe I'll be able to take advantage of deCONZ-ui.

          Wim, thanks for the suggestion to contact HomeSeer support regarding their inclusion of VNC. I often forget that they're actually one of the responsive companies with tech support! I have been able to get inside the HS Pi's system pretty well with just SSH, but viewing it with VNC might be easier.



            All right, I got it!

            I found that Pete has given a workaround solution (as he calls it, a 'cheap' VPN tunnel) for someone who has a Linux system on their LAN... (which just happens to work with OS-X/MacOS with the XQuartz X11 provision)

            Works great, and I was able to define the deCONZ window size with "deCONZ -geometry ###x###”

            (This really took me too long to find, but boy did I learn a bunch. Now to retain it!)

            Thanks again for your pointers, people. I'm sure I'll be back for more...

            (Thanks Pete )


              Just to update - have successfully got VNC working with the Pi, for deCONZ -gui....

              From SSH:
              - reinstalled RealVNC Server in the Pi, but made sure to be logged in as as the 'homeseer' user.
              ​​​​​- used raspi-config (again, as the 'homeseer' user) to set Boot Options/Desktop to Desktop-Autologin.
              - reboot the pi - do it from the HomeSeer control panel (Tools - System - Restart) to be sure HomeSeer is done with things first After reboot:
              - from SSH, again logged in as 'homeseer', ran "vncserver :1" to start vncserver and specify that Display #1 be used (I'm guessing that Display #0 is already configured as the hardwired display - not sure, but it's unavailable for VNC here for me).
              - Then started VNC Viewer, and logged into my Pi's IP as 'homeseer'
              - terminal window is showing (I might have enabled that somewhere here - I'll edit this is I remember where I did that)
              - ran "deCONZ -gui" successfully
              closing VNC Viewer has no affect on deCONZ.

              Next, will need to figure out how to get these two to run on boot, for the 'homeseer' user - 'vncviewer :1' and then 'deCONZ -gui'

              Now I'll post some questions about JowiHue.....



                x2go is also a good server for this too.

                once upon a time you couldn't really get a good X connection from a Windows desktop, and certainly not a good free one. now with xrdp, vnc and several x servers (because x calls your remote desktop a server for ancient bass-awkwards reasons).

                "Reflection", I think that was the $$$ spendy X package to use from a PC...


                  Thanks lveatch and wkearney99, if only I didn't hold a grudge against MS!

                  My HS system is a Pi, so Linux-based. My VNC Viewer tends to be a Mac or Android...

                  But it's an adventure getting to know Linux a bit. (I once was a DOS & Windows follower, back in 3.1 days, but don't get me started...) grin 😏