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Memory leak with JowiHue on HS3

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    Memory leak with JowiHue on HS3

    Hello! I'm getting started with Zigbee. Everything's going well with the Conbee II running their Docker container on a Pi.

    I installed JowiHue as a trial in HS3 (running on Windows). In a matter of hours, processes crashed due to RAM being exhausted. While I've not tracked it specifically to the plugin, this is a stable system (for years) with no changes other than adding JowiHue.

    I see other issues posted here about past problems with memory leaks - some on Windows and some due to Mono.

    Were there any resolutions for potential memory leaks that people found? Is the HS3 version of the plugin now considered to be legacy and potentially containing such issues?

    (I know I need to make the move to HS4!)

    Thanks for any input.

    In my case I'm running HS3 on Windows Server 2016, I have not seen any memory leak issues whatsoever. My system runs with zero problems for a month. The only reason I bring it down is for MS updates usually a day or so after the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
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      There have been memory issues with the plugin, most specific for Mono/Linux users. I do not know of any memory issues on Windows, caused by this plugin. Not with the HS3 or HS4 version.

      I think you need to recheck on this to find the real cause as I think something else might have been happening on your system causing this. I am using the Windows version myself and check on its usage now and then. Even after a 3 weeks running the usage is stable. HS3 version of the plugin is not getting new functions, but when issues occur I tend to still look into it.

      -- Wim

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        Well, a watched pot never boils!

        I put the Jon00 process monitor on the hspi_JowiHue process and have run it for many hours. So far, I'm not seeing any memory leak issue that I saw initially. Maybe it was a freak occurrence.

        I will keep this thread updated if I notice any odd behavior.

        Oh - and thanks for the plugin, Wim!