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Description JowiHue HS3

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    Description JowiHue HS3

    JowiHue provides a real-time, interactive interface between your Zigbee devices and HomeSeer. It is compatible with ZigBee devices (ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Light Link, ZigBee 3.0) depending on the gateway used with the plugin.

    With JowiHue, you are provided with a set of tools to create, maintain and trigger devices, scenes and animations for any light connected to either a Philips Hue Bridge or a RaspBee or ConBee with the deCONZ gateway installed.
    You can control your lights from anywhere, without the real need to open your lights to the Internet of Things or the rest of the world, as long you have access to your Homeseer website or have HSTouch connected.
    The plugin can coexist with all other apps controlling your Philips Hue or deCONZ gateway, the plugin will not get in the way, but can take care of your daily routines safely from inside your house without the need of a phone or tablet.

    Are you depending on that nifty trick from IFTTT to get a warning that you have mail from your loved ones by blinking your Hue lights? Why not use Homeseers mail functions to trigger your lights? No one else needs to know you've got mail!

    Anticipating for the blue lights because it rains outside? If you have a weather station, connect it to Homeseer and you can set your own triggers to set the lights accordingly. Then it is no longer based on predictions, it is real time!
    You will find lots more while playing with this plugin. Have fun!

    • Support for Windows and Linux
    • Multiple bridge support either Philips or Raspbee/Conbee.
    • No dependency on cloud services.
    • Presets support. Presets are light recipes that can be applied to any colour bulb by event or scene.
    • Advanced Preset editor with snapshot functionality to copy current settings of a light.
    • Scene support, local scenes can combine any lights from different bridges. (Remote) Scenes present on the Hue bridge can also be used in the plugin.
    • Advanced Scene editor where you can choose to use presets on a group of lights, or create a new recipe.
    • Animation of lights. Combine scenes to achieve nice combined effects, like creating an alert effect, or a combination of scenes to create a romantic mood during dinner with changing lights.
    • Advanced Animation editor
    • Animations can last a specific amount of time or can be stretched until a set time (eg sunrise or sunset).
    • Support for Philips motion sensors, Hue Taps, Dimmer Switches,
      IKEA remotes, Xiaomi remotes, and more
    • Support for Bridge Groups.
    • Full control of lights and groups through device utility page.
    • Optionally recover last known settings after switching (power off) off a bulb and switching it back on.
    • Update bridge and lights with the latest firmware available from Philips.
    • Keep track of lifetime information per light and create a lifetime report on request.
    • Event triggering based on status of groups of lights or individual lights.
    • Event actions available for setting lights, groups, with presets, scenes or animations
    • Color conversions possible from RGB or Hex colors and Kelvin for respective ZigBee commands.
    • Scripting engine for direct control of the ZigBee lights
    • Perform maintenance on the bridges and gateways for Lights, Groups, users (whitelist) and Scenes.

    • HomeSeer HS3 or HSPRO 3
    • JowiHue Plug-in For HS3
    • The plugin is supported on Windows and Linux
    • Philips Hue Bridge(s) or RaspBee(s) or ConBee(s)
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    -- Wim

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