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  • JowiHue Plugin for HS3


    When you are searching for the possibilities if this plugin, please also look in the docs directory of your Homeseer installation. You will find the complete documentation for this plugin in pdf format here.
    I am trying to keep this document up to date while new functions are added. Let me know if you have any questions on the document!

    And if anyone has a easy pointer to translate this document to a readable html format to be used in the help section of homeseer, please let me know?

    change overview:

    (older versions removed from 2014 to Februari 2018)

    March 2018

    This is a major release adding many new options

    ***** Warning **** if you for any reason need to go back to previous versions, be sure to also refert the \bin\JowiHue directory and the HSPI_JowiHue.exe.config files, because of DLL changes in the package.
    • Added support for several sensors of the following types: Alarm, Smoke, Fire, Water and Pressure. Also new button sensors and switches are added.
    • Changed the way sensors are recognised and corresponding devices are created. This will make it possible to add new complex devices without the need to update the plugin.
    • In the propterties/JowiHue tab a button is added for the parent devices to enbable rebuilding the device values when needed.
    • Changed handling of the transition time. This now enables the lights connected to go on at the last status before they were switched off.
    • Added the ControlUse - color setting for Alexa.
    • Enabled use of ':' and ';' in names of scenes, lights and groups
    • Prepared the plugin for reporting Energy consumption for Heiman plugs and future plugs
    • Added the choice to start a random preset in the JowiHue actions and scripting
    • Added battery information to Xiaomi devices
    • Added basic support for power and powerconsumption for selected plugs. This is still work in progress

    Many small bugs were caught in this release. A short overview of the major ones:
    • If a deCONZ gateway was moved in the network to a different IP address chances were high that devices for lights would double. Should be solved now
    • After new lights or sensors are added, it could happen the plugin would not update devices before a restart of the plugin was done. Now it should update sensors and lights immediatly.
    • Sometimes the plugin reported a damaged datatable, all the way back to the time the plugin became available. Finally, this bug should belong to the past from now on…
    • Starting a scene that was stored on the bridge (non JowiHue) could cause all lights not belonging to the scene to switch on at a brightness of 1. This is now solved.
    • Improved usage of the IKEA RGB bulb. You can now apply presets based on Hue and Sat values set, instead of x and y values only
    • Solved an Linux issue that prevented up and down buttons to work properly
    • Changed behaviour of the CT up and down buttons when Kelvin was set (it looked like up and down button were working opposite)
    • Several improvements on animations, one being only recovering the used lights for a animation.
    • Many other bugs that serve the stability of the plugin

    March 2018

    Xiaomi motion sensor is added to the xml file, including the lightsensor.

    • If a bridge is rebooted and during this reboot the plugin was started it was possible (motion) sensors would not be initialised properly by the plugin. This has been resolved.
    • Sometimes an error could occur on "UpdateUsage". This was caused when a series of multiple lights would be switched off almost simultaniously. It would not cause issues. Now it should no longer occur.
    • An issue with updating a pressure device has been solved
    • there have been issues with moving a light between bridges, resulting in many errors until a restart was done. This process has been improved. Moving a light should be more smooth from now on.


    • Enabled changing presence duration on device property pages. With this setting you can set how long presence will be true before it is reset to false. Note: this setting works only for certain motion sensors, not all!

    • With the last update to version a bug sneaked in causing the off settings of a scene to be ignored. This has been solved.
    • An issue could arise, throwing a "Object not found" when a bulb has no power when the plugin starts. This is resolved.
    • Did some rework on the battery device to check if this resolves an issue some users are seeing wher the battery values are not reported correctly.

    Release June 2018

    • Added a new scripting command "GetPresets" which can be used to get a list of all presets available

    • Transition time of scenes were no longer working correctly. This is resolved
    • When using more then 3 light groups in one scene the timing of groupcommands could become too fast for the bridge. Timing have been adjust to allow more time between commands.

    Release July 2018
    • There was a possibility that child devices were changed to parent devices due to a coding error during the beta phase 3 months earlier. This will now be corrected for existing devices
    • Battery devices were sometimes not updated correctly. During startup of the plugin this will be enforced if values do not match
    • Support was added for a Smartthings plug
    • Correction was added for a error in UDPListener where the xml string was not removed from the port string.
    • In the JowiHue actions there was an issue when using a CT value and trying to remove this again. The value would return after a second or so. This is resolved now.
    • Improved creation of power devices for plugs. Some can measure the actual used power. this should improve support for the Smarthings Outlets
    • Scenes could skip the transition time in certain situation (mainly when used in an animation). With this release transition times should be honoured again.

    Release September 2018
    • Added a location search button to several sensor models (Smartthings Arrival sensor and Philips Motion sensors). With this button you can send a signal to the device, so it will start blinking a led or beep, so you can distinguish which HS device corresponds with the phyiscal sensor.
    • Replacing the scripting commands IncreaseLights and DecreaseLights by IncreaseLevel and DecreaseLevel. These scripting commands will also now accept booleans for CT as well (last parameters). The old scripting commands (IncreaseLights and DecreaseLights) are depreciated. A warning will be logged when using these commands and in a next version the commands will be removed.
    • correction of Color Control setting for use with Alexa, the plugin can now be used with Alexa color commands!
    • The up and down buttons on the on/off device have been re-added, so you can dim up or down again in steps (configurable in the configuration page)
    • Expanded the temperaturerange for temperature sensors from -30 to +130
    • It was possible that a philips motion sensor was reporting battery low on all sensors (lightlevel, temperature and motion). This is now corrected to the motion sensor level.

    Release October 2018
    • Added an option in the configuration page to ignore the calculated dim setting when performing a voice Color command. This prevents a light to dim up or down when alexa send a RGB color command that would result in a different dim level for a light. Only the color aspects are set
    • When the dimlevel was controlled by the up or down buttoms, or de/increaseLevel scripting command, it would cycle the level once minimum or maximaum values were reached. This is changed, the level will not be cycled anymore.
    • Added an extra possible value for the Xiaomi cube. Aside for all the possible moves for the cube it appears we missed one: throwing the cube in the air! This vaue is now added. For existing cube userd: got to the properties of the root device/JowiHue tab and press rebuild device values to enable the new value
    • Importing the latest device information was not working for some users. Particular for users who had changed the locale settings (decimal to comma or vice versa) on their user level. The plugin will now use the user settings instead of the machine setting.
    • Sometimes sensor devices could wait long before getting the actual values, or some might not be updated at all. Updated the mechanism to catch the updates and added extra debug messages to find out why these are missed.
    • In certain situations a rename of a light on hue bridge would not work, this is corrected
    • Renaming a sensor was not working correctly when the sensor was not present in the imports file. This is corrected.
    • Changed reporting of batteries, hoping the battery values will now update for everyone
    • deCONZ has started using the uniqueid's in the webhook, made updates regarding this. This should prevent double devices for the future, The plugin will possibly report doubles if they exist in the HS3 log.
    • Changed reporting of low batteries to once a day
    • Corrected the proces of creating battery devices. Double battery devices should not occur anymore.
    • When a deCONZ gateway is restarted several sensors are reported as unreachable. After the battery operated devices report their presence deCONZ sends an update with their last known status. This would result in triggering of events when not needed. The plugin has been altered. It a device becomes reachable again, the device is updated without triggering events.

    Release November 2018
    • Solved an issue where the plugin could confuse devices when reported more then once on deCONZ
    • Solved an issue where in the release errors could be reported on devices with the same uniqueid. The plugin does a lot of extra actions to prevent this.
    • Solved an issue where devices could multiply fast and/or devices were no longer created. This was caused by a rare situation where the plugin could be running multiple times on the same machine. The plugin will now check regulary if it is only running with one occurrence on the machine. If this is the case, the plugin will quit immediately
    • Added support for the Xiaomi vibration sensor
    • Solved an issue where the plugin would throw an error regarding the format of Doubles.
    • Made a start with updating the Bridge maintenance page - in the near future we will also be able to get a better view on sensors per bridge

    Release 2.0.3 Februari 2019

    This is a major release with many changes, where many are 'under the hood'.

    • Redesigned handling of sensors and lights, mainly to prevent creation of double devices
    • Several improvements on animation handling
    • Added new scripting commands enabling percentual dimming of scenes and animations
    • Added support for several new sensors
    • On the properties/JowiHue tab a rebuild device values button is added to reset devices values to the last known devices. This button is also added to the configuration page, but here it will be applied to all known lights or sensors.
    • Added a 'blink' button to light devices
    • Added sensor handling to the bridge maintenance page
    • Enabled energy reporting to the HS3 energy database
    • Added an trace option to follow event actions and/or device actions, which is an additional trace apart from the debug or detailed traces. This is logged to the HS3 logged.
    • Several small changes
    Solved issues
    • Resolved an concurrency issue while reading lamptypes, causing several users not being able to correctly handle new lamptypes
    • Resolved an issue with new (not yet known) lights added without dimming abililies.
    • Groups and lights editing was not working anymore on the Bridge Maintenance page. This is now corrected.
    • Some users experienced sensors and/or batteries not updating correctly anymore. This should be resolved now
    • Many other small bugs resolved
    Release Februari 2019

    Main change in this release is the support for thermostats!
    • Added support for Zigbee thermostats, with the Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee Thermostatic valve being the first working version.
    • Enabled configuring a delay for Philips Motion sensors on deCONZ gateways. You can configure this on the properties/JowiHue tab. With this parameter you can set how long it will take for the motion sensor to send a "no motion" signale after sending a motion signal
    • When setting a JowiHue action to scenes the delay timer could not be set correctly - it would reset to 0. This i s corrected
    • Added support for Philips outdor motion sensors
    • Several smaller improvements, issues solved and new devices added.

    Release April 2019
    • Solved an issue with missing RGB fields for RGB and ColorCIE settings when creating a new preset
    • Added extra (scandinavian)characters in naming possibilities
    • Removed scripting commands "DecreaseLights" and "IncreaseLights". There have been depreciated for several releases now and have been replaced with "DecreaseLevel" and "IncreaseLevel"
    • Added new scripting command: ListRunningAnimations (no parameters) which reterns a list of running animations.
    • Updated support for the Aqara vibration sensor. The old switch devices that were created for the vibration sensor are no longer supported, The log will mention this if the devices are still present. For using the new support of the Aqara vibration sensor, deCONZ has to be at version 2.05.60 or higher. If you had the vibration sensor already added before this version of deCONZ, you need to start a new scan for devices on the configuration page and reset the vibration sensor by pressing the small button for 5 seconds (the blue light will start blinking).
    • Solved an issue where errors could be logged when starting the plugin and/or opening the sensor tab on the Bridge Maintenance page.
    • Added a possibility to ignore logging a new bridge has been found. This is needed when also the ha bridge is used in the same network. It will not functtion. On the configuration page a extra option is added to ignore this bridge.
    • Added the possible to change the number of decimals shown on temperartue and humidity devices on the configuration page. You can now change it betweeen 0 and 2 decimals. After changing this valuse you will have rebuild the sensor values for the change to take effect.
    • Solved an issue where lights are member of multiple groups and not all groups were updating when the light would change setting.

    Release May 2019

    This is a bug release, no other changes included yet
    • Solved an issue with updating the usage datatable
    • Solved an issue with updating the devices for groups when all lights are off
    • When lights or plugs were renamed with other apps or in the gateways directly, names of the devices would not reflect the change. Sensors are renamed correctly. this is solved now.
    • LEDVANCE is distributing led strips without modelid, making it hard to correctly inventory the supported services. Lights without modelid are now assumed to support full color possibilities.
    • There was an issue with registration of bridges. It would throw an SQL error, wihich is solved now
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    -- Wim

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    650 devices ---- 336 events ----- 40 scripts

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    Release September 2019

    *Warning* this is a major release that cannot be reverted unless you have a backup of your homeseer installation directory. It has been tested by several brave users of this plugin. Devices are converted and are now using the parent child relation in the way HST expects them. Once this conversion is done, the only way back is revertng the homeseer databse as wel as the plugin itself.

    • Parent/child buildup of devices has changed, conforming to HST expectations
    • Handling of group actions is changed to try to deliver a faster response. This works in 80% of the actions, but some are still depending on polling.
    • if lights were controlled by xy values, they could miss the correct color setting now and then. this is now improved in reliablitty
    • Speed of handling light commands has been improved
    • An issue with vibration sensor has been resolved.
    • Corrected an issue when enabling or disabling color pickers through the configuration page
    • Enabled the correct color control options for voice control (you have to rebuild devicevalues for lights once for this!). The only device needed to enable voice control is the on/off device
    • Solved an issue when renaming a group device
    • Repaired an issue for deleting a scene used in animations. this should show a warning message on the creativity page, but this was hiding. Now enabled again
    • Dimming up or down the brightness of lights on Philips Hue bridges would cycle its value still, where deCONZ would stop cycling. This is corrected, so that also Philips bridges will no longer cycle the dim values,
    • Updated the initial database to prevent errors during database upgrades for new users.
    • The latest updateof Philips bridges changes the name "Philips" into "Lightify". You'll need to install this version to solve the issue because of that.
    • Solved issues using Keen vents, devices were not converted and/or created correct.
    • Changed handling of Philips Hue Bridge updates - removed all remnants of checking for updates.
    -- Wim

    Plugins:RFXCOM, HSTouch Server, Squeezebox, BLGData, Restart, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, WeatherXML, BLBackup, TenScripting, BC4, Pushover, PHLocation, JowiHue, Zwave, Sonos
    650 devices ---- 336 events ----- 40 scripts


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      Solving a few bugs.....
      • Updated initialisation of existing bridges. It is possible that some devices are recognised as a bridge. This would result in an error. Now the devices is mentioned and initialisation will continue
      • When the plugin was shutdown, an error could been thrown. The error should no longer occur.
      • Minor changes
      -- Wim

      Plugins:RFXCOM, HSTouch Server, Squeezebox, BLGData, Restart, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, WeatherXML, BLBackup, TenScripting, BC4, Pushover, PHLocation, JowiHue, Zwave, Sonos
      650 devices ---- 336 events ----- 40 scripts