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  • Great Job!

    Ok, so after hours of playing with all the HUE plugins, I have to say BRAVO !! Your plugin has many things the other lack. Your implementation is clean, and you are using HUE API commands that the others lack (groups).

    I have tested Jon00 (who does great work but has many other projects), and SmarterControls Hue plugin, but yours is up to date with latest API and very well done.

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to the implementation of multiple gateways b/c that is going to be an issue people will face. Again, man excellent job. I purchased the plugin this evening.

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    Thanks for your support Always nice to know the plugin is valued.

    For you last remark, if you mean the bridge with 'gateway', then the answer is that multiple bridges are already supported. Ther are few users of the plugin that are actually using it already with multiple bridges and so far no complaints.

    If multiple gateways is ment as remote locations, Philips is working on remote access through the API. Once they release that, I will surely try to support remote access. But Philips has to finish this first.

    Welcome aboard

    -- Wim

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      I've just been testing the plugin for a week or so, but already I can see that it is a really well thought out and engineered plugin. Also if you look at release notes it keeps getting better and better. And Wim has been very responsive to problems (that I mostly created) and extending the plugin for new bulbs. There is so much potential with the HUE system it is great to have this interface between it and homeseer. Thank You!

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