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problem after bridge reset

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  • problem after bridge reset

    Need a little help I had to reset one of my bridges and now I cant get the the plugin to work. when I try to access the confguration page I get he following error in the log and the config page is blank

    JowiHue Error: BuildContent: Object variable or With block variable not set.

    Thank Ken
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    When you reset a bridge, it will need to be registered again. I did not test it as I was hoping to avoid it in my home. I now realise the plugin is finding the bridge device as being registered, but a the same time finds the same bridge unregistered. I am sure this situation is not yet caught well by the plugin.

    The easiest way out is to disable the plugin and delete the bridge and the lights and groups belonging to it. Then start the plugin a reregister the bridge (it might take 5 minutes or so for the plugin to discover the bridge).

    Is that possible for you?

    I the mean time I will bite the bulllet and do the reset here too, that way I can find a solution to catch this in the plugin.

    -- Wim

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