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Value ranges for Saturation and Brightness

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  • Value ranges for Saturation and Brightness

    Wim, could you please comment on the available values in JowiHue being 1-254? In my (admittedly limited) experience with other Hue api utilities, the range of possible values was 0-255 for both.

    Sorry for the silly question, I'm just curious why the available values in JowiHue are different.

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    Phillips has corrected their values in the latest API documentation, the accepted values for bright were not 0 to 255, but 1 to 254, specifically for bright values. I guess I was one of the first to correct in the plugin. No issue as the bridge tolerates high and low values as it corrects the value to the correct allowed values. The plugin although shows the accepted values as they should be.

    Not a silly question, it is a smart one

    -- Wim

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